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This is the new flagship Sunrise CO2 sensor from Swedish company Senseair. As a first hand dealer First Byte can guarantee the quality of these sensors and we assure you that we have full traceability of each and every one of the unit we sell.


  • 400 to 5000 ppm
  • 3.3 or 5V (3.05-5.5VDC)
  • Peak 125mA, avarage 38μA
  • 33.5 x 19.7 x 11.5 mm
  • UART communication (compatible with ESP Easy and other firmware flavors)
  • I2C communication
  • More than 15 years life span
  • No burn-in needed
  • Excellent quality assured by the tight relationship between Senseair and First Byte (located 30km from the factory).

Further information is found on Senseair's official home page.

PS. 10kr is about €1 (live) but a real conversion will be done upon checkout. Sorry for displaying it in Swedish currency but that's the deal I got.

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