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Temperature sensor with ESP Easy pre-configured

BJÖRK is a small WiFi enabled temperature monitor based on ESP Easy. You can report temperature to any server you like, use HTTP or MQTT. If used as standalone you can login to the unit using WiFi. 


  • -55 to 125°C (DS18b20)
  • 0.1m to 1.5m cable for the temperature (pick in list)
  • Peak 400mA, avarage 80mA
  • 35 x 55 x 15 mm (box)
  • Use the "custom" option if you want more than one temperature sensor or if you'd like to have other options like all white color of cable and box. Pre-configured with extra features already setup from factory.
  • Your delivered product might not look 100% like the one pictured due to the different USB cable types used and final assembly of hardware. We are always trying to give you a top notch product though!

PS. 10kr is about €1 (live) but a real conversion will be done upon checkout. Sorry for displaying it in Swedish currency but that's the deal I got.

World wide shipping (390kr through DHL).

Instructions on how to connect the BJÖRK unit to your WiFi

  1. Start the unit by plugging in the USB cable into a USB charger or power bank.
  2. After about 15-60 seconds a WiFi access point named "Bjork-1" will appear.
  3. Login to this WiFi using the password "configesp".
  4. If you're not automatically taken to the login page surf to the IP address (in rare cases, you also need to type
  5. Select your WiFi network and connect to it using your password.
  6. Connect and wait for it to connect to your WiFi, the IP address should eventually be presented to you.
  7. Disconnect from the "Bjork_1" network and connect to your own network.
  8. You can now surf to the unit by clicking on the IP address in the web browser or simply type in the IP assigned to it.

If you have problems with finding the IP address of the unit you can use a network scanning application (Fing is a good example which are available for both phone and PC).

If the AP "Bjork-1" isn't appearing you can create an hot spot using your phone. Name it "Bjork_setup" with password "1234567890" and the BJÖRK will connect to it. This allows you to connect to it and setup the proper WiFi-credentials.

The USB cable provided is not suitable for flashing the unit, the cable is only made for powering the unit. If you need to flash the unit you should open the box and connect a real USB data cable.

For questions regarding anything else than the actual hardware build you should ask that on the forum, not emailing us.